Distance supervision with arrival service

We provide a complete security service for our customers, and the remote monitoring service is one of the most significant areas. Meeting the required measures set out in the business contracts we provide the intervention service to the alarm sites.

The everyday events prove, that it is not enough to install a security system to a facility and a notification by telephone to the client by automated telephone voice: the remote monitoring dispatcher’s measures and the arrival of the intervention guards to the alarm location are more reassuring and more effective.

Our clients make use of our services for that the terms of their personal and property safety would be fulfilled.

We meet this condition with our remote monitoring services, about which you can be informed here.

In our remote monitoring service place that is equipped with the latest technology, the dispatchers arrange the incoming alarm and other status signals according to high professional standards and always politely.

Távfelügyelet Vonuló szolgálat

In case of burglary, assault, fire alarm and security alarm of persons we are sending patrols to help in the locations and to prevent further damages.

If unusul events are detected we initiate immediate action to the local police station.

Our remote monitoring service offers solution for special needs, for example to improve the sense of security of elder or disabled, as well.

Video monitoring systems

Our technical equipment in the service centre allows the video monitoring of the environment of protected buildings, the free stored values of sites and construction areas.

The great advantage of the technical application, that in case of an alarm from the protected area the dispatcher can take the necessary measures based on a real-time visual material that arrives to the centre.

We can provide the video monitoring service to all customers who has broadband Internet connections.

These technical applications are more and more popular among our Customers.

Remote elevator monitoring for appartment houses and larger buildings

Elevator monitoring stations are required in those buildings with elevator that are built after 2004, (Gov. Decree 118./1998) and it is required in older buildings as well, if the elevators has been renovated.

The Government Decree meeting the specified technical requierements,

a) records and archives the incoming signal data and audio,

b) sends status signals to the monitoring centre every day, thus we can immediately take action if the system fails,

c) allows bilateral communication between the elevator and the dispatcher, on the basis of which we can take immediate measures to rescue from the elevator.

Upon request we install a video-system in the elevator, which can provide also images about the circumstances of a possible emergency.

Our remote monitoring services due to the application of modern techniques for remote transmission regionally has a national coverage.

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