The person and property safety have become a prime consideration in our country, too.

The mission of our company, Nádasdi Elektro Biztonságtechnikai Kft. (Nádasdi Elektro Alarm Technology Ltd.) is to provide such safety and security solutions to its Customers, the use of which measurably increases the security levels. The result is that the risk of losing the protected values can be minimized.

We offer comprehensive security solutions:

For high technical level, turn-key implementation of the complete fire- and property protection and low- voltage computer networks of family houses, industrial plants, retail stores, department stores, construction sites, free-stored products, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, municipalities, shopping centres, office buildings, industrial and logistical facilities, high-storage buildings.


The constructed equipment can be installed according to the customer’s requirements and taking into account the technical facilities by wired network or by short range radio devices without opening the walls.

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We will deliver and install the high technological content with excellent value for money! It is not always the cheapest price the most favourable!

After the implementation we will provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance.

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