Selling of equipment

Our company has opened its special shop in Salgótarján, on the 1st floor of ALBA Business and Office Building in order to achieve a full range of services, primarily for the sales of security products.


Our shop is characterized by the ever-expanding range of products, the big stock and the flexible serving of customers.

In our customer service we can provide consultancy for the products distributed by us and free security advice to visitors.

The products also can be seen in operation in our shop and in our showroom.

For property protection installers

Self-service is designed in order to make easier the product selection by the clients.

Our customers can place their orders by phone, fax and email, which is after confirming the order – is compiled by the staff. In case courier is requested the order can be delivered to the given address.

Technical assistance: if assistance is required in putting into operation or with the use of the products our qualified staff both personally and by phone are available.

Our distribution system is designed to be capable to serve the two distinct groups of customers – the contractors and the public – fully and at a high quality level.

For the general public

In the spirit of the password „Do it yourself” there is always such a device for human and burglary protection, as well as for gas hazard warning available at a low price, that is easy to install according to the documentation supplied to the product.

In our range of goods

One can find wireless (radio-link) and wired burglar alarms, video technical equipment, access control systems, automatic fire alarms, photoluminescent fire alarm signs, boards, intercoms, safe storage cabinets, cash boxes, electrical wiring (network) installation materials.

We have a large selection of 6 and 12 volt accumulators and batteries.

Used batteries and accumulators can be placed in our shop for environmental protection.

Our goal is to sell products that can serve our customers complete satisfaction with their appropriate quality level and favourable prices.

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